Technology is causing a revolution in personal lifestyle with an intention to make life easy. Regular research on how to improve older versions of various gadgets has resulted in developing life hack gadgets. Innovation in technology is breeding gadgets simple to use and environmental friendly.

The need for innovation that makes life easy cannot be overemphasized. Everyone wants to own a device that will simplify life activities. Let us examine some of the latest innovations that are responsible for life hack gadgets like:

Smart Locks

This is a device that is attached inside your lock door to be fitted over an existing deadbolt latch. For you to access your home, just install an app on your phone, and the lock will open your door. Such innovation is what makes life easy as you do not need wiring, changing the locks or need for manual labor.

Furthermore, you are free to assign access rights to your family members and close friends to only use their phones to get in your house when need be.

Smart Watch

This type of innovations is noted with the features that make them outstanding. The watch face deals with notifications that arise, displays personal appointments, shows calls and has a fitness tracking.

It is a life hack gadget that is made up of segments that are replaceable to improve the overall watch functionality. They include:

  • GPS tracker
  • Fingerprint sensor
  • Battery
  • SIM card

This device support all Android and iOS platforms.


Lima is a device that acts as a cloud storage. It is a measure when you run into storage restriction trap.

How it works

Just plug the Lima into your home router and connect it to any hard drive after which a storage place is instantly created for your data.

Download app to your smartphone or the PC and have the fast access to data. In this case, it can be streamed or download.

Another advantage of Lima is it handles any transcoding for movies and music.

The data is retained and stored on a hard drive that you connected Lima to, and it is upgradable to even up to a larger capacity like 7TB if you have to.


Have you ever been in a situation where you find it difficult to locate a place in a busy city? Beeline is a product that solves this. This tool can offer you guidance to your destination and make life easy. Such innovations are time saving at the same time making productive moves.

How does it work?

It is a small waterproof device that is attached to handlebars that display the direction in which one is heading to. It has a simple arrow that points to your location.

The screen uses e-ink technology to improve and also reduce the amount you need to charge the gadget. It is small and light making it preferred to act as a keyring.


The world of innovation is changing and revolutionizing the world at a fast rate to make life easy for the beneficiaries of that technology. At this rate, man will change on how to approach life and therefore live a more civilized life.