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Gadgets is a small tool or a machine with a particular function. Today’s world you will find devices for every specific task. A decade ago phones were only used for make calls, and PC were used for sent emails. But now things changed. Mobile become most popular gadget with the updated technology. Now a phone is used for the multi task. A phone can capture a photo just like a professional camera. The storage of a phone bigger than the computer which was used ten years ago. There are millions of apps for the phone in the cloud. Tablets, Laptops, PC’s are upgrading daily with the new feature. TV is not now limited to the channel only. You can access the Internet and watch whatever you want to watch.

Nowadays our eyes on mobile screen ear surround by wireless headphone. All in all, we are covered by gadgets. Now the concern is what the effect of those gadgets in our life is?

Of course, it making life easy in many ways but overuse of those devices harming many ways as well.


All of us know that Playing in a playground is different from the game with a play station or mobile.  Excessive usage of gadgets reduces physical activity. Consistently working on a laptop without having any physical activity can cause fatness. It also can harm your heart and some other chronological diseases. Its right gadgets made life easier than before.  But it also makes people lazy. Nowadays children don’t go out with a friend to play rather they spent time with gadgets.


In a simple sentence, depression is the loss of interest to do something. Usage of devices leads person to depression. Those who don’t go outside much and stay with equipment make their moods negative, aggressive, and lack of communication. Those all are the symptoms of depression. Well, there are thousands of apps which are making communication easy then how can it lead to depression? Face to face communication is far away from the internet. Emoji can’t express your feelings. By doing this you losing interest from your surround because you are intoxicated with technology.

Sleep Disorder:

Without having a look at the social media, we can’t sleep. Before sleep, we need to spend some time on the Internet. It became a habit for us. Now, this habit is a problem because we spend too much before we get asleep. It distracts our sleeping patterns. Those distracted sleeping patterns we use to wake up late in the morning and develop an odd eating habit which affects our health. Children’s bedtime story and songs now played in mobile before they get asleep. Teenagers spending the full night on Facebook, Twitter which is defiantly a threat for our future.

Stress and Aggression:

Anxiety, nervousness, aggression are some complementary problems for smart phone-addicted. In modern psychology, Research says smart phone addiction can rise the pressure in human body.  It also means children who are more surrounded by gadgets in aggressive than who are not. Aggression can help in the particular situation but also lead to disputes.

Eye Sight:

Gadgets like smart phones, laptops, and televisions all need eyes to enjoy the beauty of latest technology. This is the biggest problem because constantly watching can strain eyes. This is common for children and they end up with big glasses at very young ages. Occasional itching and dryness also can occur heavy usage of gadgets.