A peep into the big and leading research labs around the world would reveal many stories that can shock you and help you learn many new things. Very often we come across different technological innovations that shock us and render us heart-broken, on learning that these technological changes will take lots of time to reach a stage of perfection.

These days, some technical projects are being carried out in larger companies and university labs that mimic or enhance human senses. Some of them include designing a vision system for your car that will enable it to see through thick fogs, creating a touch-pad that will control the mobile device from the back and electronic devices that will detect rotten food for you and so on. It’s not just all about senses. There are many ongoing types of research which on being successful can alter the way you lead your life in future. Possibilities are endless. What we use as high-end gadgets can turn to tech toys in future.

Given below are few future gadgets that will change the life for me, you and everybody. Let us see few of them.

e nose life hack gadgetE-Nose – It is very hard for any one of us to see if the bottles in your refrigerator or wine collection have gone wrong. The manufacturing and expiry dates are not always reliable. The age-old tradition of taking a whiff at these bottles will reveal nothing much. It’s in this scenario, E-nose or electronic nose can be handy. It’s unbelievable to think that they have been in the market for a few decades now. E-nose can even trace down invisible harmful gasses. They are widely used in hospitals and the military. Two possible changes can take place in these digital sniffers in the coming days. Firstly, they can make use of modified ink jet printers to develop organic polymers and secondly, these polymers will make e-noses affordable as compared to the ones available in the market today.

Robotic Prosthetic Arm – The need has been felt for many years now to create upper-extremity prosthetics for those Robotic Prosthetic Arm life hack gadgetreturning from combat and any other war destination. The robotic arm is in trials, and it could be rolled out to the markets. When fully developed, they will act as limb replacements to injured soldiers and others. The new arms could serve as an interface with the brain and therefore control the entire nervous system.

LucidTouch life hack gadgetLucid Touch – Lucid Touch is expected to be one of the major innovations in the coming years as they can turn useless space on the back of the hand held devices into input surfaces. The innovation is expected to alter the way we operate a game or a phone. Its multi-finger touch control could change the interaction with portable games, phones, and other mobile devices.

Graspable – Imagine hand held gadgets that will function according to the way hand imaginary life hack gadgetit is held. Graspable are no different than these imaginary devices. These devices will enable the portable devices like camera, phone and PDA to function differently when positioned differently. This innovation is critical as these devices can conform to the user’s needs rather than the user getting adapted to the portable devices. The innovation in this regard is already taking place, and the gadget is expected to be in the markets.